Should my best content be above the fold?

For years (decades?) there have been arguments about where to put your best content, with the general consensus being “put it above the fold”.

What this means is, make your best content the bit that everyone sees before they have to scroll.


Well many will say that it’s because Google will rank you better if you do put it there, however Google, in the form of John Mueller has recently said that it doesn’t really matter.

His quote was:

“So the main thing is that we want to see some content above the fold.

Which means… a part of your page should be visible when a user goes there.

So for example if a user goes to your website and they just see a big holiday photo and they have to scroll down a little bit to actually get content about a hotel, then that would be problematic for us.

But if they go to your home page and they see a hall of fame photo on top and also a little bit of information about the hotel, for example for a hotel site, that would be fine.

So it’s not purely that the content has to be above the fold. But… some of the content has to be.”